Finally, the Master of the Roman Songbook

I am so glad the proceedings of the 2019 RKD Symposium Going South have been published today.

Chapter 8 looks into the oeuvre of this unknown artist we have given the name of Master of the Roman songbook.

There is a long list of people I have to thank for this piece. First and foremost, the late Erik P. Löffler who allowed me to join a group of young scholars back in 2015 in Rome. The week before the first one edition of the Academia Belgica workshop about Dutch and Flemish printmakers traveling to Italy from the 16th century, I had the chance to visit the outstanding collection of the Casanatense Library in Rome. Here, I met musicologist Eric Bianchi, who pointed out to me the marvelous MS2478, beautifully decorated by the unknown master I dedicated my contribution to.

Palazzo Barberini

Now, these eight years have been a huge rollercoaster, but that early summer in 2015 was really life changing.

My research is still in process, but this is a nice first step towards the end.

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