Bubo strikes again

Again Facebook provides nice images about everything and in this case a wonderfully decorated initial from an Italian Gradual dating 1549. Nothing more is added information-wise, however that owl was too familiar… It’s a copy in reverse after “Bubo”, the grumpy owl in Adrian Collaert’s (1560-1618) from the set “Avivm vivae”, published between 1598 and 1600. So, either the decoration was added later or the manuscript needs to be re-dated?

https://www.facebook.com/pagineantiche/photos/a.247540005302134/2917277441661697/?type=3&theater “…da un Graduale del 1549….”
Adrian Collaert, Enkele vogels in een landschap, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, inv. RP-P-1892-A-17408. https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nl/zoeken/objecten?q=uil&s=chronologic&f=1&p=12&ps=12&imgonly=True&st=Objects&ii=1#/RP-P-1892-A-17408,133