Let’s play

I haven’t been posting for a very long time as I have been (and still am) very busy working on my papers.

Today while browsing through the latest sale catalogue of BASSENGE (Nov. 2019) I found this very eloquent drawing that I think sums up very effectively the life of a musician – that I am not – but also LIFE in general, even a quite ordinary life in fact….

If you think about it we are always somehow asked to perform as we act within and we engage with other members of the society. And that, at times, can be tiring, frustrating and disappointing.

Enjoy and until next time!

Pietro Antonio Novelli (1729-1804), The small bagpipe player: “Sempre sonar a tutti dó ne tocca / Uno co’l culo e l’altro co la bocca” {We have always to play to everyone, whereever we have to / one with the “arse” the other with the mouth}
Pietro Antonio Novelli (1729-1804), The guitar player “Alla Morosa per passar la smara / El canta sgraffignando la Chittara” {In order not to “think” to his girlfriend he strucks his guitar} The J.P. Getty Museum, Los Angeles, inv. 2004.84

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