And the printer became Judas

Oh yes,
former Haarlem major and book publisher Jan van Suren (1517-1591), masterfully engraved in a very intense portrait by Hendrick Glotzius (1558-1617), a few years later appeared in a collection of Saints designed by Crispijn de Passe I (1564-1637), with halo (!) as Judas.

The delicate and sharp lines in the first state by Goltzius seem to mold this great portrait. Parts in light and shadows are clearly rendered and the artist provided the sitter with such a vivid gaze that the beholder is almost forced to talk to van Suren! On the other hand, de Passe simplified the composition by reducing the number of lines, but still with a clear intent to preserve the values of light and shadow. Here despite, the tiredness of the plate, the holiness of the Saint remains intact.

It’s nice to see familiar faces, from time to time.

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