Music Iconography in the Archive J.W.Neimeijer @RKD

(…) In September 2017 Dr J.W. Neimeijer, director of the Rijksprentenkabinet from 1974 to 1990, presented the RKD with an extensive art-historical collection of images of Northern and Southern Netherlandish paintings and drawings from the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century. In addition, the collection contains images relating to music (classified under numerous categories, for example instruments, angels, violinists, street musicians, and so forth), the art business (ateliers, academies, the art trade, collectors, crafts, markets, and so forth), eighteenth-century dated portraits (international), portrait miniatures, frames, trompe l’oeils and more. (…)

Acquisitions, in RKD Bulletin, 2017/2

Today, 5th February 2018, I entered the music images collection of Dr. J.W.Neimeijer, at the RKD in The Hague (the project is supervised by Dr. Yvonne Bleyerveld and Sabine Craft-Giepmans). This archive is planned to be integrated in the collection of the institution. The boxes I have to manage are 54, arranged by subject represented, therefore by instrument(s) or kind of performance (street musicians, orchestras, musical companies and so on). Mainly, the boxes contain excerpts from auction catalogues. Neimeijer made sure that each cut out would mention the sale, with place and date.

Today I managed to clear the first box, entitled “VIOOL”, violin in Dutch. I stamped all the pages with “Archief J.W. Neimeijer / Schenking 2017.” Furthermore I have divided the images according to how the instrument was represented in order to create numerous stacks. These piles were then assigned to the proper folder according to the ICONCLASS code that suited the composition better. Accordingly, today I have updated the following green folders in the ICONCLASS blue boxes at the RKD:

48C7311 violin, fiddle, 48CC7311 violin, fiddle (CC-outdoors)
48C7311 (I), (II), (III) violin, fiddle
48C7312 viola, violoncello; double bass
48C75111 tuning the lute; 48CC75111 tuning the lute (CC-outdoors)
48C7511 tuning an instrument; 48CC7511 tuning an instrument (CC-outdoors)

P.S.: look at the photos… the little notes drawn on the labels are so cute! Aren’t they?

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